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Options Counseling

Adoption is a complex process that most potential adopting parents have little experience with. There are many important choices to make regarding the kind of adoption that best fits your unique situation, needs and desires. Our social workers are experts at helping families navigate the process.

Foster..., Foster to adopt..., Domestic Adoption....(open or closed?), International Adoption....(which country?)... There are many options available that will allow you to grow your family through adoption, but which one is right for you? 

Our options counseling is a comprehensive assessment that assists potential adoptive parents to understand and acknowledge the aspects that are most important to them so that they can find the best match in pursuing adoption. Is the age of the child the most important aspect? or is it the length of the process? Maybe cost is a significant factor for you or having a closed adoption.

Adoption has changed significantly over the past few decades and often people have misconceptions of what adoption means and how it works. It is vital to have accurate information and to understand your fears, expectations and motivations before making one of the biggest decisions of your life. 

At Adoption Matters we believe that all parties need to go into an adoption with their eyes wide open. There is no question that should be left unasked, including the ones that might feel silly, embarrassing or "politically incorrect". 

Adoptive Parents

Home Studies

As a licensed non-profit adoption agency in the states of North Carolina and South Carolina we are approved to conduct home studies (also known as pre-placement assessments) for any type of adoption including domestic, international and step parent. For more detailed information regarding the home study process click here.

Domestic Newborn Adoption

If domestic newborn adoption is ‚Äčthe right choice for you. Adoption Matters, Inc.will help you navigate the process from application to finalization. The first step is to complete an application which can be obtained by contacting our office. As a small agency our Executive Director is directly involved in getting to know each one of our families. She will assign a social worker to walk you step by step through the process. After completing a home study we will assist you in creating a professional looking profile which will be presented to birth parents matching the specific adoption situation you request. We facilitate and assist in managing the relationship between birth parents and adoptive parents to ensure it is comfortable for all parties. Our adoption attorneys will ensure that all required procedures are followed and documents are filed to protect the rights of the birth and adoptive parents to have a successful legal adoption. After placement of the baby Adoption Matters will provide ongoing support for adoptive parents and counseling for the birth parents.  

We Can Help 

Once you decide which basic type of adoption is right for you Adoption Matters can assist you in finding ethical, experienced professionals to help you complete your adoption. The professional support you need with vary based on the type of adoption you choose. You may need to find an adoption agency, a home study agency and/or an adoption attorney. Adoption Matters will guide you in choosing your professionals by being prepared with the right questions to ask, knowing where to look for the most experienced professionals, understanding required accreditation for agencies and recognizing risky situations. Adoption Matters will support you through your entire adoption process if you desire.