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Home Study Checklist:

  • Birth certificates for each person in the home
  • Marriage license (if applicable)
  • Divorce Decrees (if applicable)
  • Medical Evaluation Forms for each person in the home(provided by agency)
  • Criminal Background Check (varies depending on type of adoption)
  • Adoptive Parent Social History Form (provided by agency)
  • Child Abuse and Neglect Clearance forms 
  • Financial Information Sheet and supporting documentation
  • Employment letter (if applicable)‚Äč
  • US Individual Tax Return Form 1040 for most recent year
  • Personal letters of reference (form provided by agency)

Report to the Court for Adoption/Re-Adoption

When the Court receives an adoption petition they generate a request for a report from a licensed agency, typically the agency that completed the pre-placement assessment and post placement reports. The report to the court is an assessment and recommendation regarding the adoption. 

Home Studies and Post Placement Services

Pre-Placement Assessment/Home Study

The Pre-Placement Assessment, often referred to as a home study, is a comprehensive assessment required to complete all adoptions. It typically involves two visits with a social worker, one must be in your home. In addition you will provide information related to personal finances, medical history, social history, education, employment, motivation and readiness to adopt and be asked to submit to criminal background checks. There is an education component which your social worker will assist you with based on the type and circumstances of your particular adoption.

Post Placement Supervision

Post Placement visits are required after placement of a child. Your social worker will visit with you and your child in your home to ensure that the placement is going well. The social worker can provide child specific adoption education, referrals and additional supports as needed. A report is generated after the visit as part of the legal process. The number and timing of the post placement visits may vary depending on the type of adoption. 

Step parent/Relative Adoption

Most of these types of adoption situations do not require a full pre-placement assessment. The Court typically wants to have two assessment visits with a social worker and a Report to Court completed by a licensed agency. The client will have to provide much of the same information required in a home study such as employment, financial, marital history, references, and some level of background check.